Due to increasing consumer demand for aesthetic designs, companies are coming up with a very diverse range of wallpapers to change the look of any place, with the advent of graphic designing, the wallpaper industry is set to become the next big disrupter in the world of design and decor.

A wallpaper protects the wall surface from damages, besides imparting an air of quality and style to uncovered walls.

Kaleon offers you to print your own and unique high-resolution wallpapers. We help you to cover any size of a wall with a very high level of customisation.

To fullfil your expectations, we got a wide range of materials in stock, Canva, smooth, and ecofriendly wallpapers are some of our options for you, also, you decide if you want a lamination on it, which bassically will add extra protection and will make it last longer.

Let us know and we can arrange the installation if you are in Sydney area.


Places where a wallpaper is a MUST:

  • Any shop.
  • Restaurants.
  • Offices.
  • Schools.
  • Spas.
  • Cafes.
  • Your home.

How to get your wall ready for installation:

  • Clean.
  • Well-painted (non teflon), at least one week after painted.
  • Flat and smooth wall.