Spray & Up Easylife Wallpaper (price/sqm)

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This is a great product for any wall indoor, highly recommended due to the easy installation and even easier to remove. 

To installation: you will just to spray water over a clean wall and stick the wallpaper onto that surface, the glue in the media will get activated for an easy application.

To remove it:  just need to spray water over the wallpaper, once the glue is reactivated, you just need to take it out.


Send us an email to get a better quote as soon as we get it, just for you and your needs.

Make sure you are as simple and specific as possible, just tell us what you need.

For example:

I have a wall of 2,300 mm h x 4,000 mm w, and I want a Spray and Up.

That would be enough information for us to give you the best option.