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What we do

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Earth is important for us

Water-based ink.

Eliminate waiting time—prints come out completely dry and ready for finishing and delivery immediately

In addition to delivering outstanding image quality, consistency, and durability, our Latex Inks offer an attractive environmental profile to our customer


Following the same line, we are toward using just eco-friendly materials for our printings, now, you can get a poster or wallpaper with a minimum impact in our planet.

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How we work?

We are committed to being approachable and reliable every step of the way. Our team takes the time to explain what and why we are doing throughout the development of the project and We proactively work through the process methodically as following:

1. Workshop/Evaluate

We take the time to personally learn how your business works and we work closely with your team to understand your idea from assessing your current and future printing and promotional needs to identifying ways to optimise your cost throghout the project.

2. Design

Built from the framework created in the Workshop /Evaluate phase, our design team will create mockups of what your idea will look like. We also understand that you might have your design phase ready and you want to jump to next step.

3. Printing

Once designed are being approved, Our operations team we will print them with our in-house equipments. In addition to our operations team, you can always contact your representative sales manager to keep track of the progress of your project.

4. Installation

First up Kaleon Prints will make the necessary preparations to ensure a successful installation with our highly specialized team. In Addition will give a year of guarantee in all our products and services.

5. Feedback

Your review is highly important for us, it helps us to keep improving and enhence our process. After every project completed wil will send you a link where you can give us your feedback or review of our proccess.


"Proactive and helpful team, they worked on our projects with tight deadlines and delivered on time each time. Quality and service at the same time"

Vicent Hernandez - Managing Director BBR Experiential Agency.


"In the last few months, I used Kaleon several times to do various print jobs: high quality posters and canvas prints, custom wallpaper, stickers, labels and window decals.

Highly recommended-keep up the good job guys!"

Robert Okulus - Managing Director Anytime Office


Kaleon Prints have done an amazing job for my Early learning centre. The boys are very professional, quick and well priced! Will definitely use again, and highly recommend them for their quality! thanks guys, you are the best!

Kristine Palavecino - Director Action Therapy For Kids

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